Enjoy & Rap Atlanta Recap: Delighted Father’s Day!

I am curious…do you would imagine VH1 and Mona Scott younger actually, certainly think that audiences think prefer & rap: Atlanta is a real possibility show? The acting is fantastically tragic and there’s absolutely nothing genuine about it…except for that intercourse tape, plainly.

Nikko did not inform Mimi Faust asian web cam sex about their conflict with Stevie J. Straight away after it just happened, but he spills the beans when they’re driving the following day. Her ex about the deal Vivid, she has to pull over to read Nikko the riot act when she learns that Nikko has told. She’s cruising in her own brand new car (thanks, Steven Hirsch! ), and Mimi does not want to wreck it whenever she wrecks him. As she cusses up a storm, Nikko simply laughs that Stevie should never get her riled up similar to this. Mimi attempts to kick him away from her trip, but once he declines, she is the main one who storms down by walking.

Lil’ Scrappy is eggs that are eating Erica P…or at the very least he hopes become scrambling some things along with her. He finds her home to learn that she actually is illuminated candles and served wine, and then he wonders whether he is here to pray or have intercourse. Scrappy is a little stressed, but he would like to be an improved individual. He could be experiencing accountable about Bambi in which he would like to think with this particular relative head rather than their hiz-ead. Scrappy shuts down Erica’s advances, complimenting her he’d certainly be together with her if he did not curently have Bambi. And so they state love is dead!


PHOTOS: Reality TV Stars Twitter Pictures Roundup – Might 10th

Our reality that is favorite TV cannot get an adequate amount of the limelight during their regularly planned time slots, so they really try social networking to generally share a lot more of these daily lives with us. And they are loved by us because of it! Listed here is a roundup of a few of our photos that are favorite this week! Enjoy!

Above: Bethenny Frankel shared, “Loving Skinny Girl Cinco De Mayo with Fredrik Eklund. “


Prefer & Rap Atlanta Recap: The Yung And Also The Restless

Please accept my sincerest apology. We dropped the ball in a way that is major! Exactly just How did I perhaps not understand that the best new scripted show like & hiphop: Atlanta had been on twice this week? Because the recap has already been a time later, let’s just dive right in the insanity, shall we?

Joseline Hernandez would go to Stevie J. ‘s man cave to keep to nag him about Mimi Faust’s friends being all up within their company. Does she just wander around in underwear on a regular basis? Really, the sets, the lighting, the costumes, the terrible acting–this is NOT truth television! Stevie ignores their bride while browsing the net, and! He is simply occurs over the web log tale that shares Mimi’s “leaked” sex tape with Nikko. Speak about coincidence!

Upcoming, I happened to be literally going to give up everything Mona Scott younger when I saw exactly how bad Karlie Redd’s acting is until I discovered that she actually is allowed to be acting because she’s in a “movie” now called 1 month in Atlanta. Some body call Sundance! Karlie is really so delighted to stay a relationship with Yung Joc. Not just is he more youthful and much more effective than Benzino, he’s got a throat! Yung additionally does not like drama. She tap dances between making away in yesterday with him and accusing him of cheating since he’s wearing the same clothes she saw him. Karlie believes how to keep tabs for them to move in together on him is to. This is certainly a good plan!